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Dancemanager subscriptions

The Free version is ideal for dance studios that need a simple and free management of their studio. With the Bronze version you also have the ability to activate premium packages for example the Ticket package with which you can sell tickets directly through our platform to make your events even more successful.


Includes all basic functions for a simple and free management and the Event package which allows you to create and publish your events.

0,- €

Free packages with expandable limits:
EVENT PACKAGE (Unlockable free of charge)


Additional to the basic functions includes premium features like the ticket package which allows you among other things to sell tickets for your events.

30,- € monthly
or 240,- € annual
Free packages with expandable limits:

Not sure which subscription is right for you? Contact us!

Questions about pricing

What are the pricing options for Danceflavors?

The use of the basic version of Dancemanager is free of charge. If you want to unlock more premium packages such as the event ticket package the Bronze subscription is necessary.

Is there a trial period or demo available for the software?

A demo version is not available. However, the basic version is available free of charge. So you don’t take any risk. If you want to test the bronze subscription you can cancel it at any time.

Are there any additional fees or charges beyond the base subscription price?

That depends on the activated packages. There are packages that can be used free of charge and some like the event ticket package where a small fee is charged per ticket sold. The exact fees can be found in the respective package details.

Can the subscription be cancelled or modified at any time?

Yes, according to your needs you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.

Are there any setup or installation fees for using Danceflavors?

No, there is no cost for creating a Dancemanager.

How does the pricing model accommodate for different sizes or types of dance studios?

Through our package model each Dancemanager can be put together individually regardless of the size of the company. You only pay for what you really need.

Contact sales

Of course, it is more pleasant if you are supported during the implementation and if you can express specific requirements and wishes.

As a dance school DanceFlavors gives you the opportunity to customize the platform to your needs and thus influence the development. Our sales team will be happy to support you during the implementation and go through everything together with you.

Make an appointment today and let us lead your dance school to success!

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