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    Maximize your dance journey with Danceflavors - find the perfect dance partner, the best studios, trendy classes, and cool events, all in one place.

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    Connect with the world of dancing and discover cool profiles! Find your perfect dance partner and dive into a world full of rhythm and movement.

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    Revolutionize your dance biz - digitally manage your studio locations, organize stylish events and save time managing your dance success


    A multi-purpose solution platform for dancers and dance studios

    We know that finding the right dance event, class or even a partner can be difficult. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to find everything around dancing in one click. So you never miss out on the opportunity to dance again.

    One app for every dance style

    Also available on app and play store!

    Everything in one app

    With our easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to connect to the world of dancing quickly and easily. Never miss another dance event again!

    Dance Around

    Find dancing partners

    If you're looking for a dance partner, look no further than our app. With just a few clicks, you can easily find someone who shares your passion for dance.

    Whether you're looking for a partner for ballroom dancing, Latin dance, or any other type of dancing. Danceflavors can help you find the perfect match.

    Join exciting dance events

    Looking for something fun to do? Why not join an exciting dance event! Our app makes it easy to find and buy tickets for events near you. Plus, you can chat with other dancers and make new friends. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start dancing!

    Explore dance studios and classes

    With Danceflavors, you'll find the best studios and classes near you. Discover the latest dance moves, improve your skills and bring new momentum to your dance experience.

    FAQ about dancing

    For us, the real meaning of dancing is not only to dance, but to have fun, connect with people and express your feelings in movement. With Danceflavors we want to bring together dance schools, teachers and dancers from all over the world.

    Dancing is great to get to know new people and have fun with them. Also, it can be a good workout, helps you to stay fit and contributes to your overall health. All in all, dancing has countless benefits and there is no reason not to start with it.

    Dancing brings together many people from all countries and cultures. Also, it’s a great way to improve the physical and mental health of everybody. But in the end, it’s the fun and the joy which makes every dance so important.

    Which dance suits you best depends on you and your personality. What music do you like, do you prefer fast or slow dancing and do you like couple dances, group dances or individual dances? It’s best to try a few dances and then find the one you like the most.

    There are countless types of dances all over the world. However, these are now not only indigenous to the respective countries and cultures but are spread across the entire globe. That’s one of the reasons, why dancing is such a great thing to do.

    Just as there are almost infinite different dances, there are also many different categories. Some of the most common ones are Latin, Social Dance, Street, Modern and Contemporary Dance. If you want to find out more about she different dances, visit our Dance Wiki.

    The best way to find dance classes is through the Internet or through contacts who can connect you. Pay attention to the level of the course, so that you do not end up as a beginner with the advanced. At Danceflavors you can find the right class by searching for courses in your area.


    Discover different dance areas in our dance wiki and learn everything about the art of dance!

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