Dancing in Cologne

Dancing in Cologne 💃🏻 🕺 🎵

Cologne with its more than 1 million inhabitants is located in the very west of Germany and stands for a very special attitude to life like hardly any other German city. The people of Cologne love to sing and celebrate, and dancing in Cologne also takes on a special significance. This is due on the one hand to the great music scene in Cologne and on the other hand, of course, to the carnival.

General Information about Cologne

In addition to one of the world’s largest folk festivals, the city also has the Cologne Cathedral, the Rhine and the Chocolate Museum to offer. The pounds that you get from all the chocolate, you can then lose in one of the many dance schools in Cologne. The selection is very large, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, young or old and want to learn Salsa or Bachata – everyone can go dancing in Cologne. 

In addition, there are always special events where either dancers dance together in Cologne or even professional dance shows are performed. 

Now it is time to make dancing in Cologne even bigger, to give a platform to all dance schools and to make the dance courses in the city more known. 

About Danceflavors & dancing in Cologne

Danceflavors is about to add many dance schools in Cologne to spread the platform for the dancers in the city. Very much to the benefit of all Cologne dancers, as there are so many dance classes and dance schools in Cologne that can be easily and quickly organized with Danceflavors. The schools in the city, that are going to cooperate with us, will offer dance courses for Hip Hop, over Ballet to Discofox. In the future we will cooperate with more and more partners to make dancing in Cologne popular as well as fill the whole city with dancers.

Find a dance class in Cologne!

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