Dancing in Herne

Dancing in Herne 💃🏻 🕺 🎵

There was a time when Herne was called the “golden city”, which at first sounds like a lot of pomp and ostentation. However, this is no longer associated with the city in the Ruhr region, which has a population of almost 150,000, even though valuable precious metals and ores were mined in the city in earlier times. But perhaps a golden age will soon be upon us again, especially for dancers. 

General Information about Herne

They currently find a variety of dance schools, dance classes and venues in Herne, such as the Flottmann Halls. In these locations, the dancing in Herne can grow more and more, as many people can join the events and courses on site.

Those looking for other activities or sights should pay a visit to the LWL Museum of Archaeology or Strünkede Castle. A very special highlight is also the Cranger Kirmes in the district with the same name, but you can also discover many highlights in other districts, such as Wanne, Eickel or Holsterhausen.

These are often related to the theme of mining. In contrast to this, however, dancing in Herne definitely has a future and should be spread even further in the future. With Danceflavors, we will accompany this process and connect all the dancers in the city.

About Danceflavors & dancing in Herne

In Herne, Danceflavors started its first partner dance school in 2020. It was about time, because there are so many dance classes and dance schools in Herne, which can be organized easily and quickly with Danceflavors. Meanwhile some dance schools in Herne already cooperate with us, offering dance courses from Foxtrot to Latin or Mambo. In the future we will add more schools to make dancing in Herne more and more popular and to flood the whole city with dancers.

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