Dancing in Dusseldorf

Dancing in Dusseldorf 💃🏻 🕺 🎵

Dusseldorf is one of the largest cities in Germany and together with Cologne, among others, forms the cornerstones of the “Rhine-Ruhr metropolis”. The capital of North Rhine Westphalia stands like no other for quality of life, parties and culture. And where do these three things also unite? Correct: in dancing! Therefore, dancing in Dusseldorf is a thing!

General Information about Dusseldorf

In addition to many dance courses and dance schools in Dusseldorf, the city offers an excellent selection of dance sports clubs, some of which even compete in the top German leagues.

However, not everyone thinks of dancing when they think of Dusseldorf. They tend to think of the Königsallee, Dusseldorf’s old town or the Medienhafen. Yet the city is also home of Tanzhaus NRW, for example, which aims to popularize dancing in the city and gives it a stage.

There are more such locations, spreading over the entire city area from Derendorf to Oberbilk and Gerresheim. Meanwhile, people who have nothing to do with dancing can experience some culture in Benrath Castle and Kaiserwerth or let their soul dangle in the Hofgarten. But who has nothing to do with dancing at all?

It’s time to offer everyone easy access to dancing in Dusseldorf, so that the city can continue to become a hotspot for dancers.

About Danceflavors & dancing in Dusseldorf

Danceflavors is about to add the first partner dance schools in Dusseldorf in its portfolio. It is about time, because there are many dance classes and dance studios in Dusseldorf, which can be organized easily and quickly with Danceflavors. Those dance schools in Dusseldorf are offering dance courses from Salsa, Mambo to Rumba.

In the future we will add more studios to make dancing in Dusseldorf more and more popular and to flood the whole city with dancers.

Find a dance class in Dusseldorf!

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